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some random thoughts

Posted by jlfeldhaus on January 20th, 2008

Wow, I’m impressed that some people have more than 2 blog posts already (I guess I can include myself in there as well).

And also, am I the only one that find RSS feeds a little creepy? Yes, they are very useful, and I am setting mine up to read other sites, but for blogs in general, the idea that people can see what I’m doing, and when I’m doing it, down to the second, kinda creeps me out a little.

Just a thought. ♥

5 Responses to “some random thoughts”

  1. ameye5hp Says:

    I definitely agree about the creepiness, not to mention I feel like they’re very limited. I’d like to see comments on the posts specifically because they make more sense that way. I also feel like it’s harder to appreciate the details people put into their posts.

  2. shauser Says:

    I may be a little biased (ok a lot biased I have drank the technology kool-aide), but I don’t really find RSS creepy. I think it is similar to the facebook news feed (which is kind of creepy) but as soon as you publish something on the web it is out there, you wouldn’t need RSS to find it. I just googled your name and the first thing that popped up is this blog. Crazy right? But cool too, you are building a presence on the web that isn’t just Facebook and shows your ability to think and the work you have done in class.
    Again I have drank the “web 2.0” kool aide so don’t mind me!

  3. thecobbgoblin Says:

    I’m waiting for the Inter-webs Kool-Aide man to bust through this site with a trademarked “OH YEAH!” This would be cool ( or Kool, as some might say ) as long as the flavor isn’t Grapeasaurus-Rex… that flavor makes me sick.

  4. ameye5hp Says:

    Now that I have a wonderful mental image of the interwebs beverage mascot in my head (thanks, Austin), I feel the need to add that I saw the facebook parallels too. Of course, I find facebook creepy too (and have removed most of the updates from my facebook settings–which doesn’t seem to be an RSS feature).

  5. jlfeldhaus Says:

    Oh, facebook. The greatest procrastination tool ever invented, besides youtube of course. I’ve turned off a lot of my own updates, so people can’t see what I’m doing.

    Oh wow, you googled me! My friend did that once and randomly got a picture of a real tombstone in a cemetery that had her exact name, middle inital and all, engraved on the front of it. Again with the creepy…

    I also wanted to say you guys are awesome and that this class is going to be quite…um, interesting. haha. Thanks for replying.