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creative use of tools

Posted by jlfeldhaus on January 27th, 2008

So apparently I already fail at doing these things on time.

I love using del.icio.us as sort of a search engine. If you use a common tag that everyone else has, you can search through everyone else’s bookmarks and see what is popular. This is useful because the popular tags often are what everyone else has found most relevant or useful. So, really you’re using other people as a sort of filtering search engine.

You can combine a popular tag on del.icio.us with an RSS feed to get a quick update of what other people are bookmarking. I’ve used this a couple of times.

I’ve never used google docs before, but it’s turning out to be a good tool for our project on Historical Markers. We set up a doc to get all of our categories organized for the different markers. Everyone in the group can edit the document and see what everyone else is contributing without having to email each other back and forth. I can see how google docs may be an important resource for me as a future teacher.

2 Responses to “creative use of tools”

  1. jmcclurken Says:

    Searching using del.icio.us is a good way to make use of the social aspects of del.icio.us. I bet that’s especially useful when looking for reputable historical sites.

  2. ameye5hp Says:

    That’s a good reminder. Thank you Dr. McClurken!