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my experience w/ some of the tools discussed on Tues.

Posted by jlfeldhaus on January 30th, 2008

I use most of the tools that were presented to us in class on Tuesday. There was some discussion of file conversion sites like zamzar.com, and I just want to add that zamzar.com takes a really long time to download files, and sometimes they stop and you have to start them again. I’ve had some luck with converting audio files, but it’s not so great for video files.

It’s really obvious once you get on these sites, but for anyone that doesn’t know, most of these conversion sites give you a taste of the service for free, then prod you into buying the full membership with the added benefits, like faster download speeds and no ads etc. There are a ton of these sites, with some that are obviously better than others.

One that I use all the time is called media convert I use it a lot for converting youtube videos to ipod format, both through video (mp4) and audio (mp3).

I have used flickr.com before, but for uploading my own pictures/files I use photobucket.com, mostly just because of personal preference. Just like the conversion sites, there are a ton of these as well.

I guess as far as tools, I would love to learn more about making mash-up movies, or maybe find other sites that aren’t as restrictive as the propaganda movie making site he showed us. I haven’t really ever played around with any movie making sites or programs. ♥

2 Responses to “my experience w/ some of the tools discussed on Tues.”

  1. ameye5hp Says:

    i also had chosen photobucket years ago when i started looking at photo uploading sites. However, the option about different formats/qualities of images being generated automatically made me think Flickr might be a better option for some of the things we need to do in class. I don’t remember that option existing on Photobucket. Do you? I’d love to avoid creating another one-use-only account!

  2. jlfeldhaus Says:

    yeah, i think you’re right about it not having those options for sizes. I guess I didn’t think about that because when I format pictures (crop/resize etc.) I use photoshop.

    I also like photobucket because I’m lazy and it gives you the html codes. But it’s easier to search tags and find quality pics on flickr so… maybe it’s more of personal preference?