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Google Developers Day US – Theorizing from Data

Posted by jlfeldhaus on March 24th, 2008

I was really impressed with the video “Google Developers Day US – Theorizing from Data” We’ve all had problems finding information with Google. Part of this is simply because the average person doesn’t know all of the techniques that were talked about towards the beginning of the video. I certainly didn’t, and I consider myself pretty comfortable with computers. While I found it helpful and I got the general gist of it, I also felt kind of dumb while watching it. I had to rewind a few parts because I was sitting there going “huh?”. I realized that there’s just so much that you don’t know about finding information.

Towards the end someone asked the question: How do you measure the difference between finding something and how satisfied people were with the results that they found. This is really interesting to me because it really is hard to measure, and if you can’t measure it how can you improve it?

“The main thing that we learned is that people only give feedback when they’re upset”

I laughed at this because it’s so true.