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Marker: presentation outline for creativity day

Posted by jlfeldhaus on April 16th, 2008


  1. Why our project is significant/what we’ve done with the markers (Amy-first 3, Whitney- last 2)
    1. What Digital history was about
    2. Our objective with this project
    3. Format- online presentation of the markers
    1. Only site/book that provides categorization and further research on each of the markers
    2. Provide those interested with more places to look for information
  1. What the markers actually are (who/what) (Elle)
    1. Picture
    2. explain who puts them up- Department of historic resources
  2. organization of our website (Shannon-first 4, Jennifer-last 3)
    1. navigation- organization of categories/tags/tag cloud
    2. links-who we are linking to and (pull up pages that link to us)
    3. show about us page
    4. timeline
    1. research- 70 markers, each of us researched form 10-15 markers
    2. photos- where we got them, some are common pictures found on websites, and some where actually taken by Amy and Elle. They went to several sites and took pictures.
    3. further reference- interested in finding out more about the subjects or anything related you can use these resources
  1. show marker pages/sample page (all)
    1. each person shows an example of their best page,
    2. explanation includes brief discussion of